About me

Ariane "Ari" Fritzsche

I was born in Douala, Cameroon
I leaved Cameroon for studies and went to Germany.
In Germany i graduated in the fields computer science / electronical engineering.
I’m working since then as software engineer in different companies.

In 2016 i graduated in the field project management at IHK Hannover and i attended a training in the agile projectmanagement method: scrum.
I have been working about 5 years in companies  in the project managemen field and i train customers in agile management of projects and teams management.

Since i was a student i used to develop website for friends and relatives. First with joomla and after that i have specialized in the development of websites with wordpress

I’m passionated and great in problem solving using digital processes, tools ans strategies.

Being a creative problem solver with technical and managerial experience and expertise enables me to work with customers in several business areas.
Ha and expertise

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